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Film Bulletin
Exhibitors & Disneyland
Coulter Column
Popular Science
Disney Plans TV Trip to the Moon
Television Magazine
Walt Disney - How old is a child
LIFE Magazine
The Mark of Zorro
Guy Williams (subject)
New York Magazine
How the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (and their ilk) scared Michael Eisner into spending $19 hillion on Cap Cities/ABC.
Michael Eisner (subject)
Broadcasting Telecasting
Walt Disney's Plans for TV
Here's what Famous Film Maker will do on ABC-tv Shows
Walt Disney (subject)
The Radio Annual and Television Yearbook
Walt Disney Views His First TV Season as Most Challenging
by Walt Disney as Chairman of the Board Walt Disney Studios
Walt Disney (author)
Starlog Magazine
Walt Disney's Conquest of Space
Dave Smith (author)
Archive of American Television
Roy E. Disney Interview
Part 5
Roy E. Disney (interviewee)