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Tomorrow Society podcast
Dan Cockerell, How’s the Culture in Your Kingdom?
Dan Cockerell (interviewee)
Will 10,000,000 People Ruin All This ?
Can a multi-million dollar recreational development win the hearts and minds of conservationists?
Joe Fowler (reference)
Bell Laboratories Record
Got a question? Just touch the screen!
A new information retrieval system
Solid Wastes Management
At Disney World
Underground 20-Inch Conduit Carries Refuse 6,000 Feet
Building Operating Management
the latest in technology... not magic... maintains Walt Disney World
Steamboat Bill
The Disney Fleet
Joe Fowler (reference)
The WDW Radio Show
The Original Dreamfinder, Ron Schneider
Ron Schneider (interviewee)
Entertainment Design
The Big-One - Oh-Oh
Four New Parades Celebrate 100 Years Of Magic At Walt Disney World
Entertainment Design
Puppet Master
Michael Curry Creates the Larger-than-Life Inhabitants of Disney's Tapestry of Nations
The Executive HouseKeeper
Disney World's Magical Solid Waste Disposal System
Tomorrow Society podcast
Zofia Kostyrko-Edwards on the Creation of Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Zofia Kostyrko-Edwards (interviewee)