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Mouse Clubhouse
Interview: Jack Lindquist
Opening of Disney World and more
Jack Lindquist (interviewee)
Mouse Clubhouse
Interview: Sonny Anderson
His career as Disney’s longtime talent booker
Sonny Anderson (subject)
Stan Freese (interviewee)
Mouse Clubhouse
Interview: Stan Freese
Career overview
Stan Freese (interviewee)
Weeds Trees and Turf
Professional Pest Control
Part of the Disney Magic
Landscape Management
Disney's grand, green experiment
Animal Kingdom
Paul Comstock (subject)
Boys' Life
A Day at Disney World
Live all of your dreams in one magical day at the fabulous playland kingdom of adventure and thrills.
Journal of Marketing
E. Cardon Walker
Leaders in Marketing
Card Walker (subject)
Kentucky New Era
Disney design guru pens book about his work
John Hench (subject)
Bob Thomas (author)
Hogan's Alley
Ward Kimball’s Final Farewell
Michael Broggie (reference)
Roger Broggie (reference)
Salvador Dali (reference)
Walt Disney (reference)
Norm Ferguson (reference)
Wilfred Jaxon (reference)
Glen Keane (reference)
Ward Kimball (interviewee)
Jim Korkis (author)
Fred Moore (reference)
Bill Peet (reference)
Ben Sharpsteen (reference)
Frank Thomas (reference)
Werner von Braun (reference)
The Australian Women's Weekly
Disney's Dream Realised In Florida
After many years' work, the public can look in on worlds of past, future
Chicago Tribune
The Art of Walt Disney
Part 1 - A wish upon a star comes true
Architectural Forum
Walt Disney World
The most interesting New Town in the U.S.