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The Carpenter
The New Disneyworld
...all union made and proud of it
Donn Tatum (author)
The Carpenter
Walt Diney World
The Carpenter
Carpenters create fantasy at Walt Disney World
The Panama Canal review
Disney World
A Look Backstage
Natural History Magazine
Mickey Mitigates
In exchange for land development, a Florida preserve takes shape.
The Tiara Talk Show
Cast Member Corner
Interview with Jennifer Oakes, Walt Disney World Actress
Jennifer Oakes (interviewee)
NASA Tech Briefs
NASA Helps Create Cadillacs and Coasters
Disney Dream Girls Podcast
Weddings, Waffles & The Wilderness Lodge
Jim Korkis (interviewee)
Studio/Castmember training
Lights, Camera, Action!
Update '89
World Magazine
Walt Disney World magazine
EPCOT Center
A Pictorial Souvenir
Walt Disney World
Resort Guide 1977