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National Board of Review Magazine
Mickey Mouse Celebrates a Birthday
Reader's Digest
Mickey Mouse
Inside the Magic Podcast
Toy Story 20th Anniversary Celebration
Presentation at San Francisco Film Society
Ed Catmull (guest)
Pete Docter (guest)
John Lasseter (guest)
Andrew Stanton (guest)
DIX feature
Mickey's Cornfield
Location of Jack Lindquist's great marketing idea
Jack Lindquist (subject)
WDFM Podcast
Bill Rogers (interviewee)
The Literary Digest
"Mickey Mouse" is eight years old
Disney's Squeaky Star Played to 468.000,000 in 1935
WDFM Podcast
History of Donald Duck
Tony Anselmo (interviewee)
LIFE Magazine
Disneyland at 50
Magic after all these Years
The Literary Digest
Mickey Mouse, Financier
Kay Kamen (subject)
WDW Radio
Interview with Disney Legend Charles Ridgway
Walt Disney World 40th Anniversary
Charles Ridgway (interviewee)
The Season Pass
Celebrating Disneyland!!
Tony Baxter (interviewee)
Bill Butler (interviewee)
Bob Gurr (interviewee)
Ryan Harmon (interviewee)
Garner Holt (interviewee)
Chris Merritt (interviewee)
Rick Rothschild (interviewee)
Josh Shipley (interviewee)
Marty Sklar (interviewee)
Dave Smith talks about his career with the Disney Company
Dave Smith (interviewee)