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Adaptation and Refinement
Animation Vs. Comic Book Creation in Barks' Work
Carl Barks (subject)
The Joyous Season
George Blum analyzes the Carl Barks's handling of the Christmas theme in comicbook stories.
Carl Barks (subject)
The Year of the Duck
Carl Barks (subject)
The World's Favorite Wise Quacker - Clarence "Ducky" Nash
For over fifty years, he was the voice of Walt Disney's most famous fowl player
Clarence Nash (interviewee)
LIFE Magazine
The New Spirit
Disney's Tax Film
NBC radio
Walt Disney interview by Elza Schallert on NBC radio
Walt Disney (interviewee)
Popular Science
Mickey Mouse and Doland Duck work fo Victory
Fortnight Magazine
The Comic World
Carl Barks (subject)
WDFM Podcast
History of Donald Duck
Tony Anselmo (interviewee)
LIFE Magazine
Disney Song “Der Fuehrer’s Face"
Razzes Nazis with a German band
LIFE Magazine
Disney's Donald Duck poses for the Old Masters
Pictorial Review
The Rise of Donald Duck
A Brief Biography of Mickey Mouse's Enemy