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Disney News/Disney Magazine
The Walt Disney World Story
Part 1: Bringing Walt’s Last Dream to Life
Disney History Institute Podcast
Women on a Wire
Part 3
Nation's Business
On Top of the (Disney) World
Early problems in central Florida brought on by a giant never-never land of entertainment are clearing up nicely; sunny days lie ahead
Natural History Magazine
Mickey Mitigates
In exchange for land development, a Florida preserve takes shape.
Mouse Clubhouse
Don Dorsey
Career in Disney Audio
Don Dorsey (interviewee)
Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine
Dream a Little Dream
Georgia Tech-trained architect Tom Lewis helped Disney visualize and build an old-fashioned town of the future.
Annual Reports
Walt Disney Productions
Annual Report 1968
Roy O. Disney (author)
Card Walker (author)
Pixie Dust on Goody-Goody Land
The World of Whicker
Florida State University Law Review
Merging Public and Private Governance
How Disney's Reedy Creek Improvement District "Re-Imagined" the Traditional Division of Local Regulatory Powers
The New York Times Magazine
Florida's Disney World Aims at '70 Opening
Family Weekly
Now, from the Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Disneyland...
[Opening of Walt Disney World]
Dick Nunis (interviewee)
IABSE reports of the working commissions
Applications of mass produced steel building components
[Contemporary Resort's prefabricated rooms]