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The Sweep Spot
Longest Flying Tinker Bell at Disneyland
Gina Rock (interviewee)
Tomorrow Society podcast
Composer Bruce Broughton
Bruce Broughton (interviewee)
Smithsonian Studies in American Art
Disneyland, 1955
Just Take the Santa Ana Freeway to the American Dream
Disney News/Disney Magazine
Walt Disney's Romance With The Rails
Behind the Scenes
Walt Disney (subject)
Skywalking through Neverland
Gina Rock, Disneyland’s Flying Tinker Bell
Gina Rock (interviewee)
The Santa Fe Magazine
It's Disneyland Time!
Santa Fe & Disneyland RR stars on opening day of a West Coast wonderland
Studio/Castmember training
The Walt Disney Traditions at Disneyland
Cast Member Training Manual
Roy O. Disney (author)
Walt Disney (subject)
Collectible Automobile
Bob Gurr: Making Dreams Come True
Bob Gurr (interviewee)
Disney History Institute Podcast
X Atencio & The Path of the Imagineer
Part 1
X. Atencio (interviewee)
Bill Justice (subject)
Woolie Reitherman (subject)
Animation World Magazine
Disneyland: From Dream to Reality
Walt Disney (subject)
The Billboard
Mine of New Ideas
Walt Disney (subject)
C. V. Wood (subject)
Garden Design
The Making Of A Marvel
How Disneyland became one of America’s most amazing landscapes – and learn from their 60 years of horticultural know-how