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The "E" Ticket
Walt Disney's Haunted House
An Interview with Ken Anderson
Ken Anderson (interviewee)
Orange Coast Magazine
The Happiest Birthday Ever
Disneyland Turns 30
Broadcasting Telecasting
Walt Disney's Plans for TV
Here's what Famous Film Maker will do on ABC-tv Shows
Walt Disney (subject)
International Projectionist
Circarama: Spectacular 16-mm Presentation at Disneyland
Imaginative use is made of 16-mm equipment at new Caiifornia amusement park to project picture on screen that curves to full circle, and to provide illusion of space-ship travel.
Popular Mechanics
Disneyland Adds Submarine and Monorail
Arrow Development & the men who built Disney’s dream
Modern Screen
Your sneak peak of fabulous 152 acres of fun and enchantment
The Billboard
Disneyland Public Bow Set for July 19; TV Preview June 29
Potent Pre-Opening Build-Up Skedded; Stresses 'Kiddieland for Adults’ Pitch
The Billboard
Disneyland Rides combine old, new
The Billboard
Disneyland Bow Turnout Takes Faculities, Roads
7,642 First-Day Patrons Create Traffic Jam and Bulge $17 Mil Spot
The Billboard
$17,000,000 Project
Disneyland to Combine Fair, Museum, Kidland
Radio Mirror/Radio TV Mirror
Introducing Disneyland
An exciting peek into the realm of dreams and adventure
Walt Disney (subject)
Peggy Lee (subject)
Willy Ley (subject)
Werner von Braun (subject)