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LOOK magazine
Here's your first view of Disneyland
Walt Disney’s imagination is running wild again
Television Magazine
Walt Disney - How old is a child
Radio & Television News
Electronics at Disneyland
Sound maintenance men have to look after and take care of over 500 pieces of audio gear.
TV Guide
Disney In TVland
The Old Maestro is trying to top a fabulous Career
This Week Magazine
Walt Disney's new 10-million dollar toy
He’s gone hog-wild on a "world’s fair" that’s designed strictly for kids (and himself).
Fortnight Magazine
A Disney Preview
Mickey Mouse's Fabulous New Playground
Fortnight Magazine
Chaos in Disneyland
When Officials dubbed it "The 17-Million-Dollar People-Trap that Mickey Mouse Built," they didn't know how right they were
CineMagic by Starlog
Into the third dimension with Captain EO
Disney's FX pioneers break the silver screen barrier in a new 3-D, multi-media interactive featurette
LIFE Magazine
Disneyland at 50
Magic after all these Years
LIFE Magazine
Uncle Walt packs his new park with the stuff children's dreams are made on
LIFE Magazine
Disneyland's big new pirate ride
Anyone for Yo-ho-ho?
LIFE Magazine
Education with Fun and Shivers
Booming amusement parks spike bits of history with lots of excitement