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The Economist
Monorail by the Mile
Compressed Air
Disneyland – Compressed Air Helps to Create Realistic Illusions At Fabulous Playground for All Ages
Solid Wastes Management
Anaheim hauler doesn't mickey-mouse around with Disneyland's refuse
The firm is also major league in its approach to collection at Anaheim Stadium, home of the California Angels
Gas plays important role at Disney's "dream world"
Consulting Engineer
Disneyland… Engineering For Amusement
Disneyland Monorail
Journal of the American Concrete Institute
Precast Concrete for Monorail
Engineering News-Record
Disneyland: Building for Fun Is Serious Work
Walt Disney (reference)
Architectural Record
Is Monorail the Solution to the West's Transit Needs?
Popular Mechanics
Walt Disney's Mechanical Wonderland
Walt Disney (reference)
Bob Gurr (reference)
Bob Mattey (interviewee)
Don Ballard on the Disneyland Hotel
Don Ballard (interviewee)
The Nation
The Disney Imperative
Walt Disney (reference)