Resources 5

Animation World Network (AWN)
The John Canemaker Interview
Art Babbitt (reference)
Mary Blair (reference)
Preston Blair (reference)
John Canemaker (interviewee)
Bob Clampett (reference)
John Culhane (reference)
Shamus Culhane (reference)
Marc Davis (reference)
Walt Disney (reference)
Friz Freleng (reference)
Eric Goldberg (reference)
Ollie Johnston (reference)
Ward Kimball (reference)
John Lounsbery (reference)
Winsor McCay (reference)
Frank Thomas (reference)
Roger Rabbit's Roots
His First Director Recalls How It All Began
Tim Burton (reference)
Bob Clampett (reference)
John Lasseter (reference)
Jerry Rees (reference)
Darrell Van Citters (reference)
Tom Wilhite (reference)
Fulle Circle Magazine
A Conversation with Jerry Beck
Jerry Beck (interviewee)
Bob Clampett (subject)
Eric Goldberg (subject)
Leonard Maltin (subject)
Tom Sito (subject)
Monsters of the Movies
What's up, Doc Frankenstein?
Bob Clampett (subject)
Bela Lugosi (subject)
Walt's People: Volume 20 - Talking Disney with the Artists Who Knew Him
Wilfred Jackson
by Michael Barrier, Milton Gray, Bob Clampett
Michael Barrier (author)
Bob Clampett (author)
Milton Gray (author)
Wilfred Jackson (interviewee)