Resources 4

Computer Graphics World
Walt Disney Animation Studios Serves Up Hand-drawn Animation in The Princess and the Frog
Ed Catmull (reference)
Ron Clements (reference)
Eric Goldberg (reference)
Randy Haycock (reference)
Mark Henn (reference)
John Lasseter (reference)
John Musker (reference)
Randy Newman (reference)
Bruce Smith (reference)
The Emperor's New Groove
Disney’s animated feature film laugh riot was anything but.
Roger Allers (reference)
Tony Bancroft (interviewee)
Dale Bear (interviewee)
Mark Dindal (interviewee)
Michael Eisner (reference)
Randy Fullmer (interviewee)
Joe Moshier (reference)
Nik Ranieri (interviewee)
Peter Schneider (reference)
Bruce Smith (interviewee)
The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast
The Bruce Smith Interview
Bruce Smith (interviewee)
Toon Talks Podcast
Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith (interviewee)