Resources 5

The Pixar Podcast
Finding the story for 'Cars 3'
Scott Morse (host)
Kiel Murray (host)
Bob Peterson (host)
Mike Rich (host)
Starburst Magazine
Man's best Friend
STARBURST looks at the story behind Disney Pixars long-delayed THE GOOD DINOSAUR and wonders if it the magic can continue...
Enrico Casarosa (subject)
John Lasseter (subject)
Bob Peterson (subject)
Peter Sohn (subject)
John Walker (subject)
Starlog Magazine
Scream Makers
On the Scare Floor at Pixar, they're opening doors to Monsters, Inc.
Pete Docter (interviewee)
Andrew Gordon (interviewee)
John Lasseter (interviewee)
Glenn McQueen (interviewee)
Bob Pauley (interviewee)
Bob Peterson (interviewee)
David Silverman (interviewee)
Andrew Stanton (interviewee)
Lee Unkrich (interviewee)
Starlog Magazine
Fish Story
Pixar's wizards fashion a fantastic undersea odyssey, Finding Nemo.
Ralph Eggleston (subject)
Bob Peterson (subject)
Andrew Stanton (subject)
Graham Walters (subject)
Spline Cast
Pete Docter and Bob Peterson
Pete Docter (interviewee)
Bob Peterson (interviewee)