Resources 2

The Exhibitor
Ingenuity, Programming, and High Quality Pay Off
Walt Disney, By Daring In Production, Is Meeting The Challenge Of The Nation's Boxoffices
Claude Coats (reference)
Roy O. Disney (reference)
Walt Disney (subject)
Bob Gibeaut (reference)
John Hench (reference)
Winston Hibler (reference)
Wilfred Jaxon (reference)
Ward Kimball (reference)
Ham Luske (reference)
Ken O’Connor (reference)
Bill Peet (reference)
Ed Penner (reference)
Walt Pfeiffer (reference)
Charles Philippi (reference)
Ted Sears (reference)
Oliver Wallace (reference)
Disney - Class on Layout
Layout Training Course
3rd Lecture - Panoramas ('Pans')
Charles Philippi (host)