Resources 8

Exclusive Interview: Andrew Stanton
The director of Finding Nemo and the forthcoming Wall-E talks about his latest cinematic creation.
Wendy Carlos (reference)
Steve Jobs (reference)
Thomas Newman (reference)
Andrew Stanton (interviewee)
Starburst Magazine
Bruce Boxleitner (reference)
Jeff Bridges (reference)
Wendy Carlos (subject)
Harrison Ellenshaw (reference)
Peter Ellenshaw (reference)
Moebius (reference)
Syd Mead (reference)
Cindy Morgan (reference)
Richard Taylor (reference)
Film Score Monthly
A Clockwork Composer
Wendy Carlos switches back on soundtracks and revisits her premier score
Wendy Carlos (interviewee)
Keyboard Magazine
Wendy Carlos
New Directions for a Synthesizer Pioneer
Wendy Carlos (interviewee)
Starlog Photo Guidebook: Special Effects
The Sight and Sound of Future Tech
Human imagination harnesses the power of computer technology to bring dream worlds to life.
Wendy Carlos (subject)
Michael Fremer (interviewee)
Bill Kroyer (interviewee)
Jerry Rees (subject)
Frank Serafine (subject)
Wendy Carlos interview
The Sound of Tron
Wendy Carlos (interviewee)
Keyboard Magazine
Secrets Behind the Soundtrack of TRON
Wendy Carlos (subject)
FilmScore Monthly Magazine
A Clockwork Composer
Wendy Carlos switches back on Soundtracks and revisits her premiere Score
Wendy Carlos (interviewee)