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Pete Docter and Chris Merritt on Marc Davis; Gary K. Wolf on Roger Rabbit
Marc Davis (subject)
Pete Docter (interviewee)
Chris Merritt (interviewee)
Gary K. Wolf (interviewee)
Starlog Magazine
Who framed Roger Rabbit - A special FX Achievement
Part 1 - The trip to Toontown began when Gary wolf censored a funny bunny.
David Barkley (interviewee)
George Gibbs (interviewee)
Phil Nibbelink (interviewee)
Gary K. Wolf (interviewee)
EMuck Chat Archives
Gary Wolf (Creator of Roger Rabbit)
EMuck Invited Talk Transcript
Gary K. Wolf (interviewee)
Modern Mouse Radio
Interview w/ Gary Wolf
Creator of Roger Rabbit
Gary K. Wolf (interviewee)
Inside the Magic Podcast
Interview with Roger Rabbit creator Gary K. Wolf
Gary K. Wolf (interviewee)