Resources 6

3D World
Angus MacLane (interviewee)
Dennis Muren (reference)
Andrew Stanton (reference)
Computer Graphics World
Bounty-ful VFX
Lucasfilm’s Space Western Puts Feature-film Quality Visuals On Tv Screens Thanks To Innovative Filmmaking Techniques
Jon Favreau (reference)
Dennis Muren (reference)
Starlog Magazine
The Ultimate Dragon
Go-motion, a new animation technique, is a new tool for fantasy filmmakers.
Hal Barwood (interviewee)
Dennis Muren (interviewee)
Starlog Magazine: Starlog Photo Guidebook - Special Effects
Flights of Dragons
Sorcery abounds in the flame and fury of "Dragonslayer."
Hal Barwood (subject)
Dennis Muren (subject)
Apple Controls Animated Dragon at Studio
Microcomputer Behind Scenes of Disney Film
Dennis Muren (interviewee)
Dennis Muren: Looking Back at Star Tours
Dennis Muren (interviewee)