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American Cinematographer
Walt Disney's Naturalist-Cinematographers
The cameramen who gather the interesting footage for Walt Disney’s ‘‘True-Life Adventures” are essentially naturalists or scientists who made the motion picture camera a vital tool in their studies.
Lloyd Beebe (reference)
Jack Couffer (reference)
Robert H. Crandall (reference)
Lois Crisler (reference)
Walt Disney (reference)
Paul Kenworthy (reference)
Tom McHugh (reference)
Alfred Milotte (reference)
Elma Milotte (reference)
Reader's Digest India
Walt Disney – The Wizard of Wonderland
A visit to the creator of Mickey Mouse
Robert H. Crandall (subject)
Herb Crisler (subject)
Lois Crisler (subject)
Walt Disney (interviewee)
Tom McHugh (subject)
Alfred Milotte (subject)
Elma Milotte (subject)
Ben Sharpsteen (subject)
Popular Mechanics
Animals Are Like Other People
Tom McHugh (author)
Walt's People: Volume 12 - Talking Disney with the Artists Who Knew Him
Animals Are Like Other People
by Tom McHugh
Tom McHugh (author)