Resources 3

The Washington Post
'Roger Rabbit'- Disney's Bold Gamble In Animation
Andreas Deja (subject)
Michael Eisner (subject)
Don Hahn (subject)
Bob Hoskins (subject)
Milt Kahl (subject)
Jeffrey Katzenberg (subject)
George Lucas (subject)
Frank Marshall (subject)
Phil Nibbelink (subject)
Peter Schneider (subject)
Richard Williams (subject)
Robert Zemeckis (subject)
Starlog Magazine
Who framed Roger Rabbit - A special FX Achievement
Part 1 - The trip to Toontown began when Gary wolf censored a funny bunny.
David Barkley (interviewee)
George Gibbs (interviewee)
Phil Nibbelink (interviewee)
Gary K. Wolf (interviewee)
Walt's People: Volume 3 - Talking Disney with the Artists who Knew Him
Andreas Deja and Phil Nibbelink
by Christian Renaut
Andreas Deja (interviewee)
Phil Nibbelink (interviewee)