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A Father And Daughter Talk About Fame, Families, Love And Growing Up
A Redbook Dialogue [with] Hayley And John Mills
Walt Disney (reference)
Ed Love (reference)
Hayley Mills (interviewee)
John Mills (interviewee)
Disney History Institute Podcast
The Book of Hench
Part 01: Fantasia
Walt Disney (reference)
John Hench (subject)
Ward Kimball (reference)
Ed Love (reference)
Todd James Pierce (author)
Computer Graphics World
A Night To Remember
Disney•Pixar’s Coco honors Mexican culture with a joyful, heartwarming CG animated feature
Darla Anderson (interviewee)
Daniel Arriaga (interviewee)
Byron Bashforth (interviewee)
Chris Bernardi (interviewee)
David Eberle (reference)
Danielle Feinberg (interviewee)
Emron Grover (interviewee)
Christian Hoffman (interviewee)
Harley Jessup (interviewee)
Ed Love (reference)
Alonso Martinez (interviewee)
Adrian Molina (interviewee)
Dave Mullins (reference)
Nick Rosario (interviewee)
Gini Santos (interviewee)
Lee Unkrich (interviewee)
Starlog Magazine
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Disney unveils the animated tale of Victor Hugo's tortured Quasimodo
Howard Ashman (reference)
James Baxter (reference)
Dave Burgess (reference)
Russ Edmonds (reference)
Will Finn (reference)
Dave Goetz (reference)
Don Hahn (reference)
Ron Husband (reference)
Jeffrey Katzenberg (reference)
Ed Love (reference)
Alan Menken (reference)
David Pruiksma (reference)
Gary Trousdale (reference)
Kirk Wise (reference)
Walt's People: Volume 11 - Talking Disney with the Artists who Knew Him
Ed Love
at CalArts
by Ed Love
Ed Love (interviewee)