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Skull Rock Podcast
Joe Hale, Producing Disney's The Black Cauldron and the Studio's Transition
Dave Bossert (author)
Joe Hale (interviewee)
Misc Broadcast
Backstage at Disney
Disney Channel Studio Showcase
Tim Burton (subject)
John Culhane (author)
John Debney (reference)
Harrison Ellenshaw (subject)
Michael Giaimo (subject)
Joe Hale (subject)
Tom Leetch (reference)
Isidoro Raponi (subject)
Peter Renaday (subject)
Russi Taylor (subject)
Darrell Van Citters (subject)
Animated Views
The Black Cauldron: Producer Joe Hale talks munchings and crunchings…
Lloyd Alexander (reference)
Don Bluth (reference)
Tim Burton (reference)
Roy E. Disney (reference)
Don Griffith (reference)
Joe Hale (interviewee)
Ollie Johnston (reference)
Jeffrey Katzenberg (reference)
Ward Kimball (reference)
Ron Miller (reference)
Art Stevens (reference)
Skull Rock Podcast
35 Anniversary of Disney's The Black Cauldron with producer Joe Hale
Dave Bossert (host)
Joe Hale (interviewee)
The Black Cauldron
Animation brings the magic of Sword & Sorcery to life in 70mm
Lloyd Alexander (reference)
Ted Berman (reference)
Joe Hale (reference)
Richard Rich (reference)
Art Stevens (reference)
Enter Magazine
Computers In The ‘Cauldron’
Joe Hale (interviewee)
Starlog Magazine
Special-Effects Animation
Joe Hale shows us the magic in the animator's pencil as he describes his work for Disney's "The Black Hole."
Joe Hale (interviewee)
Starlog Magazine
Animating "The Black Cauldron"
Joe Hale (interviewee)
Enter Magazine
Computers in the 'Cauldron'
Disney artists drew on computer power to help with the "Black Cauldron."
Joe Hale (interviewee)
Inside The Black Hole
As Told by Disney's Special Effects Experts
Bob Broughton (interviewee)
Art Cruickshank (interviewee)
Harrison Ellenshaw (interviewee)
Peter Ellenshaw (interviewee)
Joe Hale (interviewee)
David Inglish (interviewee)
Don Iwerks (interviewee)
Dorse A. Lanpher (interviewee)
Danny Lee (interviewee)
Eustace Lycett (interviewee)
David Mattingly (interviewee)
Bob McCall (interviewee)
George McGinnis (interviewee)
Tommy McLoughlin (interviewee)
Gary Nelson (interviewee)
Bob Otto (interviewee)
Frank Paris (interviewee)
Jeb Rosebrook (interviewee)
Terry Saunders (interviewee)
David Snyder (interviewee)
Bill Thomas (interviewee)
Bill Wylie (interviewee)
Starlog Photo Guidebook: Special Effects
Animation Effects
The Magic Is In the Pencil of Effects Animator Joe Hale
Joe Hale (interviewee)
Entretiens avec un Empire - Vol 1
Joe Hale interview
on 'The Black Cauldron'
by Jérémie Noyer
Joe Hale (interviewee)