Resources 4

The Comics Journal
An Art Unscrolling in Time
An Interview with Mindy Aloff
Mindy Aloff (interviewee)
Art Babbitt (subject)
Michael Barrier (subject)
James Baskett (subject)
Mary Blair (subject)
John Canemaker (subject)
Marge Champion (subject)
John Culhane (subject)
Walt Disney (subject)
Cliff Edwards (subject)
Michael Eisner (subject)
Jules Engel (subject)
Neal Gabler (subject)
Jack Kinney (subject)
UCLA Library Center for Oral History Research
Jules Engel
interviewed by Milton Zolotow and Lawrence Weschler
Jules Engel (interviewee)
Walt's People: Volume 11 - Talking Disney with the Artists who Knew Him
Jules Engel
by Robin Allan
Robin Allan (author)
Jules Engel (interviewee)
Walt's People: Volume 13 - Talking Disney with the Artists Who Knew Him
Jules Engel
by Milton Zolotow, Lawrence Weschler
Jules Engel (interviewee)