Resources 2

And Now – “The Ugly Duckling”
Paul Allen (reference)
Dick Belcher (reference)
Martharose Bode (reference)
Campbell Grant (reference)
Leigh Harline (reference)
Helen Ludwig Hennesy (reference)
Jack King (reference)
Cliff Lamb (reference)
Al Perkins (reference)
Dick Rickard (reference)
Ted Sears (reference)
C.O. "Sam" Slyfield (reference)
Webb Smith (reference)
Ned Washington (reference)
Mary Weiser (reference)
Glamour magazine
Girls at work for Disney
The great cartoonist opens new careers for talented girls in his Hollywood studio
Gyo Fujikawa (subject)
Don Graham (subject)
Sylvia Holland (subject)
Ethel Kulsar (subject)
Mildred Rossi (subject)
Retta Scott (subject)
Mary Weiser (subject)