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Computer Graphics World
More Toys Than Ever Before
After a 10-year hiatus, Pixar once again helps Woody rescue his wildly popular toy family from danger
Jodi Benson (reference)
Brad Bird (reference)
Pete Docter (reference)
Tom Hanks (reference)
John Lasseter (reference)
Bob Peterson (reference)
Joe Ranft (reference)
Bill Reeves (reference)
Wallace Shawn (reference)
Andrew Stanton (reference)
Lee Unkrich (interviewee)
Sci Fi Entertainment
Inside The Toy Shop
Pixar, the former computer research devision of ILM, proves itself as the studio of tommorow with its fitsz feature, Toy Story
Ralph Eggleston (reference)
John Lasseter (interviewee)
Randy Newman (reference)
Wallace Shawn (reference)
WDW Tiki Room
A Goofy Movie’s 20th Anniversary Reunion
from D23 Expo 2015
Jim Cummings (guest)
Bill Farmer (guest)
Don Hahn (host)
Kevin Lima (guest)
Jymn Magon (guest)
Jason Marsden (guest)
Rob Paulsen (guest)
Wallace Shawn (guest)
Pauley Shore (guest)
Jenna von Oÿ (guest)