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Burbank Library
The Queens of Animation
Mary Blair (reference)
Brenda Chapman (reference)
Walt Disney (reference)
Sylvia Holland (reference)
Nathalia Holt (author)
Retta Scott (reference)
Ted Sears (reference)
Electrical West
Disney Scroll
So. Cal. IES honors color, lighting achievements
Walt Disney (reference)
William E. Garity (reference)
Clarence Nash (reference)
Llego Walt Disney, Creador De Un Nuevo Arte En Cine
Walt Disney (subject)
Royal College Of Music Magazine
FANTASIA — Impromptu
The Editor in conversation with Leopold Stokowski
Walt Disney (reference)
Leopold Stokowski (interviewee)
Deems Taylor (reference)
Misc Websites
Walt Disney – King of Fantasy
Walt Disney combines artistry with vision, gives the tired old world a "laughing place"
Flora Disney (reference)
Walt Disney (subject)
Jack Wrather (reference)
Palm Springs Life
When the Desert Was Disney's Land
Walt Disney (subject)
Radio Guide
Listeners To Hear Mickey Mouse And All His Gang In Air Debut Over NBC-Sunday
Walt Disney (author)
San Pedro News Pilot
A Candid Talk With Walt Disney
Walt Disney (subject)
Electric Trains
Railroading With Walt Disney
Walt Disney (subject)
A. L. B. A. Bowls
What Bowling Means To Me
By "Walt" Disney
Walt Disney (subject)
Electrical West
"Pinocchi is Alive!"
Because Electricity is the "Blue Fairy" that breathes life into thousands of drawings at the new Walt Disney Studios
Walt Disney (reference)
William Garity (reference)
New tricks in the sound reproduction field applied to Walt Disney's "Fantasia"
Walt Disney (reference)
Leopold Stokowski (reference)