Resources 5

Duck Tales - The Movie
The production logistics were as far-flung as the duck adventure on view.
Carl Barks (reference)
Russi Taylor (reference)
Misc Broadcast
Backstage at Disney
Disney Channel Studio Showcase
Tim Burton (subject)
John Culhane (author)
John Debney (reference)
Harrison Ellenshaw (subject)
Michael Giaimo (subject)
Joe Hale (subject)
Tom Leetch (reference)
Isidoro Raponi (subject)
Peter Renaday (subject)
Russi Taylor (subject)
Darrell Van Citters (subject)
Thoroughly Marvelous Minnie
Marcellite Garner (reference)
Russi Taylor (reference)
Frank Thomas (reference)
Uncle Scrooge Vs. He-Man
Disney enters the syndication market with DuckTales
Carl Barks (reference)
Michael Eisner (reference)
Jymn Magon (reference)
Russi Taylor (reference)
The Great Big Beautiful Podcast
Russi Taylor interview
Russi Taylor (interviewee)