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Disneyland auction, 3D Disneyland book
Dave Bossert (interviewee)
Mike Van Eaton (interviewee)
Van Eaton Galleries
Disneyland The First 65 Years
Animation World Network (AWN)
The Glad Family Trust Collection Is Truly Remarkable
Tony Bancroft (reference)
Ron Clements (reference)
Mike Glad (subject)
John Hubley (reference)
Leonard Maltin (reference)
John Musker (reference)
George Pal (reference)
Henry Selick (reference)
Potter & Potter Auctions
Disney Memorabilia Auction
February 8, 2020
Intelligent Collector
‘Lady and the Tramp’
Disney artist Willie Ito recalls his work on one of Hollywood’s greatest love stories
Walt Disney (reference)
Willie Ito (interviewee)
Milt Kahl (reference)
Iwao Takamoto (reference)
Frank Thomas (reference)
Intelligent Collector
Celebrating Mickey
Disney’s animated mouse took world by storm 90 years ago
Mary Blair (reference)
Walt Disney (reference)
Ub Iwerks (reference)
Winsor McCay (reference)
Intelligent Collector
Following his Heart
Robert Forbes’ animation art collection considered one of the finest in private hands
Mary Blair (reference)
Intelligent Collector
The Art Of Mary Blair
Pioneering Artist Helped Create Disney’s Classic Films
Lee Blair (reference)
Mary Blair (subject)
Walt Disney (reference)
John Dunn (reference)
Didier Ghez (interviewee)
Sylvia Holland (reference)
Tom Oreb (reference)
Walt Peregoy (reference)
Retta Scott (reference)
Disneyland Van Eaton auction
Mike Van Eaton (interviewee)
Nicholas and Richard Kraft's "That's From Disneyland" auction
Richard Kraft (interviewee)