Resources 11

Videogaming Illustrated
The Further Adventures of TRON
The motion picture superstar performed some of his greatest feats off-screen.
I Giocchio Di TRON
Joystick Magazine
TRON [video game strategy guide]
Joystick Magazine
On Stage: The TRON video-game contest
TV Gamer
TRON - Trapped in a fight to the finish inside the video world he created
Videogaming Illustrated
conquering: TRON deadly discs
How to survive when when the chips are down ... your neck.
Electronic Games
Destroy the MCP in Tron!
Electronic Games
Discs of Tron
Tron: Discs of Destruction
Electronic Games
Computer Graphics Energize TRON
Videogame Graphics Inspired Disney's Blockbuster
Steven Lisberger (subject)
Richard Taylor (subject)
Electronic Games
TRON: From Game To Film And Back again