Resources 9

Imagineer Podcast
Theron Skees (Walt Disney Imagineer: Disney Springs, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Parks)
Theron Skees (interviewee)
The Sweep Spot
Disneyland Hotel and Downtown Disney Discussion
Don Ballard (interviewee)
Tony Bruno (interviewee)
Mel McGowan (interviewee)
Imagineer Podcast
Imagineer McNair Wilson
Claude Coats (reference)
Walt Disney (reference)
Michael Eisner (reference)
Jeffrey Katzenberg (reference)
Kevin McNally (interviewee)
Frank Wells (reference)
Entertainment Design
California, Here it Comes
Disney's California Adventure Celebrates the Golden State
Disneyland Ambassador Connie Swanson Lane, Downtown Disney reopens
Connie Swanson Lane (interviewee)
WESTCOT Center and the Original Disneyland Resort
Tony Baxter (reference)
Roy E. Disney (reference)
Michael Eisner (reference)
Michael Graves (reference)
John Hench (reference)
Marty Sklar (reference)
Frank Wells (reference)
Concrete Construction
California Concrete Adventure
Concrete helps Disney create a new theme park.
Lighting Design + Application
Vibrant Metropolis
Lighting Downtown Disney