Resources 7

The Inside Collector
Ohio Art Disney Toys
The Inside Collector
The Animated Life & Times of Blaine Gibson
a peek at his dazzling Disney collectibles
Claude Coats (reference)
Marc Davis (reference)
Walt Disney (reference)
Blaine Gibson (subject)
Marty Sklar (reference)
Frank Thomas (reference)
Card Walker (reference)
An interview with Ward Kimball
Lillian Disney (reference)
Walt Disney (reference)
Diane Disney Miller (reference)
Ward Kimball (interviewee)
Pete Martin (reference)
Bill Peet (reference)
Mouse Rap Monthly
Carl Barks In The Limelight
Carl Barks (subject)
Walt Disney (reference)
Jack Hannah (reference)
Walt Disney Archives Director Becky Cline
on the D23 Expo, Gurr on Ryman's Disneyland map
Becky Cline (interviewee)
Bob Gurr (interviewee)
Herb Ryman (subject)
Orange Coast Magazine
A Mickey Mouse Idea That Paid Off
Not Just Another Mickey Mouse Story
Starlog Magazine
Fifty Years of Mickey Mouse Time
The life - and times - of America's favorite wristwatch
Kay Kamen (reference)
Dave Smith (author)