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Technology Illustrated
The Future According to Disney
Wathel Rogers (reference)
Melting The Boundaries Between Fantasy And Reality
Technology goes beyond visual effects to produce alternative realities for immersive entertainment experiences.
Walt Disney (reference)
George Lucas (reference)
Scott Trowbridge (reference)
Doug Trumbull (reference)
Water and Sewage Works
Corrosion-resistant pipe at Walt Disney World
Industry Jounal
Absolutely camera-ready
[Siemens' involment in Cars Land]
American Laundry Digest
Disney World's Magic Laundry
Construction Contracting
Walt Disney Wants You
but these are no Mickey Mouse Jobs.
Water Spectrum
Walt Disney World And The Environment
An Ecological Challenge In Central Florida
Industrial Design
Fun and loathing at EPCOT
Consulting Engineer
Disneyland… Engineering For Amusement
Disneyland Monorail
Journal of the American Concrete Institute
Precast Concrete for Monorail
Engineering News-Record
Disneyland: Building for Fun Is Serious Work
Walt Disney (reference)