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Die Schweiz
Walt Disney at the Swiss National Exposition in Lausanne
Walt Disney (subject)
Advertising Requirements
New Visual Aids Draw Visitors To Exhibits At Disneyland
Willy Ley (reference)
American Cinematographer
Shooting A Film For The Fair
Walt Disney (reference)
Don Iwerks (reference)
Disney History Institute Podcast
The Book of Hench
Part 07: Disney Goes to the Fair
Harriet Burns (reference)
Bill Cottrell (reference)
Salvador Dali (reference)
Walt Disney (reference)
John Hench (subject)
Ward Kimball (reference)
Bill Martin (reference)
Sam McKim (reference)
Todd James Pierce (author)
Buzz Price (reference)
Herb Ryman (reference)
WDW News Today
Portraits of Canada (Disney Circle-Vision Film for Expo '86)
Director's Commentary
Jeff Blyth (host)
Disneyland 1960
Ken Anderson (reference)
Claude Coats (reference)
Rolly Crump (reference)
Marc Davis (reference)
Walt Disney (reference)
Yale Gracey (reference)
Ub Iwerks (reference)
Jim Korkis (author)
Bob Thomas (reference)
Tomorrow Society podcast
Filmmaker Jeff Blyth
on Wonders of China and The Timekeeper
Jeff Blyth (interviewee)
Jeff Blyth
Jeff Blyth (interviewee)
Italia'61 soundtrack
Visita di Walt Disney al Circarama e a Italia 61, 1961
Walt Disney (subject)
Misc Broadcast
Italia 1961
in Circarama
Interview w/ Imagineer Tim Delaney
Designing for Disney
Tony Baxter (reference)
Jeff Burke (reference)
Claude Coats (reference)
Timothy J. Delaney (interviewee)
Michael Eisner (reference)
Tom Fitzgerald (reference)
John Hench (reference)
Ward Kimball (reference)
George Lucas (reference)
George McGinnis (reference)
Ron Miller (reference)
Herb Ryman (reference)
Marty Sklar (reference)
Frank Wells (reference)
Robin Williams (reference)