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MD Medical News Magazine
WALT DISNEY – King of the Magic Kingdom
Flora Disney (reference)
Flora Call Disney (reference)
Walt Disney (subject)
Ub Iwerks (reference)
U.S. News and World Report
Of mice and money in the Magic Kingdom
A new management rouses Disney from a long sleep
Michael Eisner (subject)
Ron Miller (subject)
Frank Wells (subject)
Duck Tales - The Movie
The production logistics were as far-flung as the duck adventure on view.
Carl Barks (reference)
Russi Taylor (reference)
Journal of Marketing
Leaders In Marketing: E. Cardon Walker
Roy O. Disney (reference)
Walt Disney (reference)
Card Walker (subject)
McCall's Magazine
The Greatest One-Man Show on Earth: Walt Disney
Julie Andrews (reference)
Lillian Disney (reference)
Sharon Disney (reference)
Walt Disney (subject)
Diane Disney Miller (reference)
Hedda Hopper (reference)
Ron Miller (reference)
Hayley Mills (reference)
Dick Van Dyke (reference)
Lukens Life
Donald Duck – Ironmaster
Business Week
The Mouse That Turned to Gold
Walt Disney (subject)
Peabody Journal of Education
Walt Disney: Master of Laughter and Learning
Walt Disney (subject)
Walt and the Golden Mouse + The Brothers Un-Grim
Walt Disney is a movie company but it manages its affairs with an un-Hollywoodlike attention to the P&L statement.
Roy O. Disney (subject)
Walt Disney (subject)
Less Animation
There is considerably less an- imation these days in Walt Disney Productions' earnings account-and in President Roy Disney.
Roy O. Disney (subject)
Walt Disney (reference)
All About the Mouse Central
“Dinosaurs” with Terri Hardin
Terri Hardin (interviewee)
Misc Books
Disneyland, 1955: The Place That Was Also a TV Show
[from book "As seen on TV : the visual culture of everyday life in the 1950s"]
by Karal Ann Marlin
Walt Disney (subject)