Resources 8

Computer Graphics World
Universal Scene Description
Steve May (reference)
Disney For Scores
Randy Newman
John Burlingame (host)
Randy Newman (interviewee)
Interview: Brad Bird
Brad Bird (interviewee)
It’s Tough To Be A Bug
Rhythm & Hues Helps Bring a Pixar Eco-System to the East and West Coasts.
Michael Eisner (reference)
Tom Fitzgerald (reference)
Kevin Rafferty (interviewee)
Mike Sandrik (interviewee)
Animation World Magazine
A Bug’s Life
PIXAR Does It Again
A Bug's Life - Special Effects
Reality ain't what it used to be.
Animation World Magazine
Toon Story
John Lasseter's Animated Life
John Lasseter (subject)
Starlog Magazine
a bug's life
The Magnificent Seven of insects defend the ants in Pixar's heroic CG fantasy.