Resources 11

3D World
Costume Drama
Pixar's cloth simulation
David Baraff (interviewee)
Claudia Chung (interviewee)
Emron Grover (interviewee)
American Cinematographer Podcasts
Cinematography for Disney/Pixar Animation — Sharon Calahan, ASC
Sharon Calahan (interviewee)
Exclusive Interview: Andrew Stanton
The director of Finding Nemo and the forthcoming Wall-E talks about his latest cinematic creation.
Wendy Carlos (reference)
Steve Jobs (reference)
Thomas Newman (reference)
Andrew Stanton (interviewee)
Computer Arts
Finding Nemo
We talk to Pixar about the company’s latest animated feature, exploring the inspiration and techniques behind this fishy tale
Sharon Calahan (interviewee)
Ed Catmull (reference)
Ralph Eggleston (interviewee)
Steve Jobs (reference)
John Lasseter (reference)
Steve May (reference)
Andrew Stanton (reference)
The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast
Directing Nemo and Dory
The Andrew Stanton Interview
Andrew Stanton (interviewee)
Starlog Magazine
Producing Nemo
For Graham Walters, Pixar's undersea odyssey was a challenging new mission.
Graham Walters (interviewee)
Starlog Magazine
Under painted seas
Production designer Ralph Egglestone helped engineer the colorful world of Finding Nemo.
Ralph Eggleston (interviewee)
Starlog Magazine
Fish Story
Pixar's wizards fashion a fantastic undersea odyssey, Finding Nemo.
Ralph Eggleston (subject)
Bob Peterson (subject)
Andrew Stanton (subject)
Graham Walters (subject)
Starlog Magazine
Gone Fishin'
Wrtiter-director Andrew Stanton captains the ship as the Pixar crew sails off in hopes of Finding Nemo
Andrew Stanton (interviewee)
Entretiens avec un Empire - Vol 2
Thomas Newman interview
on 'Finding Nemo'
by Jérémie Noyer
Thomas Newman (interviewee)
Animation Addicts Podcast
Interview with Pixar's Chris Horne
Chris Horne (interviewee)