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Disney For Scores
James Newton Howard
John Burlingame (host)
Annette Funicello (reference)
James Newton Howard (interviewee)
Hans Zimmer (reference)
Skull Rock Podcast
Producer Don Hahn Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Don Hahn (interviewee)
Ron Husband: Disney Animation Legend Speaks About Career, Preparation and Faith
Ron Husband (interviewee)
Eric Larson (reference)
Ron Miller (reference)
John Musker (reference)
Frank Thomas (reference)
Skull Rock Podcast
David Priuksma, Disney Supervising Animator
Dave Bossert (author)
David Pruiksma (interviewee)
Skull Rock Podcast
Ted Kierscey, Disney Visual Effects Supervising Animator
Dave Bossert (host)
Ted Kierscey (interviewee)
An Interview with Don Hahn
James Baxter (reference)
Andreas Deja (reference)
Don Hahn (interviewee)
Bob Hoskins (reference)
Jeffrey Katzenberg (reference)
Rob Minkoff (reference)
Nik Ranieri (reference)
Richard Williams (reference)
Atlantis The Lost Empire – Marc Okrand
The Man Who Put Words In Worf's Mouth Develops the Mother of All Earthly Languages
Marc Okrand (interviewee)
Atlantis The Lost Empire – Mike Mignola
Hellboy Master Discovers His Influence Extends Far Beyond the Printed Page
Dave Goetz (reference)
Mike Mignola (interviewee)
Atlantis The Lost Empire – Character Animation
Artists Cast the War Between Brain and Brawn in Distinctly Visual Terms
John Pomeroy (interviewee)
Atlantis The Lost Empire
Don Hahn (interviewee)
Gary Trousdale (interviewee)
Fulle Circle Magazine
Dream On, Silly Dreamer
A Conversation with Dan Lund
Dan Lund (interviewee)
Rob Minkoff (subject)
The Disney Nerds Podcast
An Interview with Animator Thomas Estrada
Thomas Estrada (interviewee)