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Movie Maker
The House that Walt Build
Bill Davidson (author)
Walt Disney (subject)
Ub Iwerks (reference)
Mechanix Illustrated
What Makes MICKEY MOUSE Move?
Earl Theisen (author)
Mechanix Illustrated
Making Mickey Mouse Act for the Talkies
Walt Disney (reference)
Manufacturers Record
The Disney Studio Strike
Roy O. Disney (reference)
Walt Disney (reference)
Cena Muda
Walt Disney, No Rio De Janeiro
Robert Benchley (reference)
Walt Disney (subject)
Ham Luske (reference)
Leopold Stokowski (reference)
We Makes The Movies (Nancy Naumburg, 1937)
Mickey Mouse Presents Walt Disney
by Walt Disney
Walt Disney (author)
Bobsleds & Banthas
Another Afternoon with Rolly Crump
Rolly Crump (interviewee)
The Hollywood Reporter
Ruthie Tompson, Disney Animation Pioneer, Turns 110 in Quarantine
Walt Disney (subject)
Ruthie Tompson (interviewee)
Electrical West
The Case of the Shifting Load
Less Animation
There is considerably less an- imation these days in Walt Disney Productions' earnings account-and in President Roy Disney.
Roy O. Disney (subject)
Walt Disney (reference)
Reader's Digest
Unvergessener Walt Disney
Roy O. Disney (author)
Walt Disney (subject)
Cartoon Research
In His Own Words: Ward Kimball’s Autobiography
Ward Kimball (author)