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Composting Expands Disney-recycling Program
Biosolids Compost Utilization At Disney World
The Panama Canal review
Disney World
A Look Backstage
Florida health notes
Emergency Medical Services
Emergency Care in Vacation Kingdom
Florida health notes
Recreational Sanitation
Walt Disney World
Independent Energy
Landfill Methane Powers Gas Turbines
DOE, Disney Test Option
Independent Power
Disney World To Install 40 MW Plant
Powered By GE Aero-Derivative Gas Turbine
Water Spectrum
Walt Disney World And The Environment
An Ecological Challenge In Central Florida
Disney History Institute Podcast
The Book of Hench -
Part 14: The Difficult Days of Mineral King and EPCOT
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Card Walker (reference)
Inside Disney World's Landscaping Army
Dennis Higbie (interviewee)
PE. Professional Engineer
Walt Disney's EPCOT Center Is Showplace for Public Works Technology
The Future As A Walt Disney Production
Randy Bright (interviewee)
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