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Fulle Circle Magazine
A Conversation with Tom Sito
Howard Ashman (subject)
Jerry Beck (subject)
Ron Clements (subject)
Marc Davis (subject)
Andreas Deja (subject)
Eric Goldberg (subject)
Mark Henn (subject)
Jeffrey Katzenberg (subject)
Alan Menken (subject)
Rob Minkoff (subject)
John Musker (subject)
Grim Natwick (subject)
Joe Ranft (subject)
Tim Rice (subject)
Tom Sito (interviewee)
Richard Williams (subject)
Nob Hill Gazette
The Interview With Ron Miller
Life in the Magic Kingdom
Walt Disney (subject)
Diane Disney Miller (subject)
Ron Miller (interviewee)
Bill Walsh (subject)
The Making of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
Part 1
Tim Burton (subject)
Andreas Deja (subject)
Jeffrey Katzenberg (subject)
Glen Keane (subject)
Jim Korkis (author)
Henry Selick (subject)
The Disney Villains - The Next Generation
Andreas Deja is the studio's new "villainmeister"
Andreas Deja (interviewee)
Starlog Magazine
Wielding the Two-Edged Enchanted Sword
The award-winning author muses on the nature of fantasy and the animated adventure of "The Black Cauldron."
Starlog Magazine
Epic Animation in "The Black Cauldron"
Starlog Magazine
Animating "The Black Cauldron"
Joe Hale (interviewee)
Enter Magazine
Computers in the 'Cauldron'
Disney artists drew on computer power to help with the "Black Cauldron."
Joe Hale (interviewee)
Disney Sword & Sorcery
The Black Cauldron
Disney steps back into darkness with a robust Sword & Sorcery tale
Entretiens avec un Empire - Vol 1
Joe Hale interview
on 'The Black Cauldron'
by Jérémie Noyer
Joe Hale (interviewee)
Starlog Magazine
The Black Cauldron