Resources 9

We Makes The Movies (Nancy Naumburg, 1937)
Mickey Mouse Presents Walt Disney
by Walt Disney
Walt Disney (author)
Cartoonist PROfiles
Disney Animations and Animators
Whitney Museum of American Art June 24-September 6,1981
Art Babbitt (reference)
Preston Blair (reference)
John Canemaker (author)
Walt Disney (reference)
Norm Ferguson (reference)
John Hubley (reference)
Ub Iwerks (reference)
Ollie Johnston (reference)
Milt Kahl (reference)
Ward Kimball (reference)
Dick Lundy (reference)
Fred Moore (reference)
Grim Natwick (reference)
Frank Thomas (reference)
Bill Tytla (reference)
The Scotsman
Interview: Jimmy MacDonald
The Dundee voice of Disney
Wayne Allwine (reference)
Joe Herrington (reference)
Jim MacDonald (subject)
Radio Mirror/Radio TV Mirror
Mr. Mouse to the Mike
To nobody's surprise they've conquered a new kingdom! Meet the Walt Disney all star cast in their new roles of radio rascals.
Special Guest Bill Farmer
Voice of Goofy, Pluto, Horace, Kingdom Hearts, Casper
Bill Farmer (interviewee)
Disney presents The Voices
Pinto Colvig (subject)
Cliff Edwards (subject)
Florence Gill (subject)
Clarence Nash (subject)
Jose Oliveira (subject)
Mouse Clubhouse
Interview: Blaine Gibson
Disney animation starting in 1939
Blaine Gibson (interviewee)
Ken Hultgren (subject)
Frank Thomas (subject)
Mouse Clubhouse
Bill Farmer interview
The recording process for Goofy; other voices
Bill Farmer (interviewee)
Misc Broadcast
Interview with Walt Disney By Tony Thomas
Walt Disney (interviewee)