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Radio Stars
Mickey Mouse And His Gang
Walt Disney (reference)
Beyond The Mouse
An Interview with Bret Iwan (Voice of Mickey Mouse)
Mechanix Illustrated
What Makes MICKEY MOUSE Move?
Earl Theisen (author)
Mechanix Illustrated
Making Mickey Mouse Act for the Talkies
Walt Disney (reference)
We Makes The Movies (Nancy Naumburg, 1937)
Mickey Mouse Presents Walt Disney
by Walt Disney
Walt Disney (author)
McCall's Magazine
The Greatest One-Man Show on Earth: Walt Disney
Julie Andrews (reference)
Lillian Disney (reference)
Sharon Disney (reference)
Walt Disney (subject)
Diane Disney Miller (reference)
Hedda Hopper (reference)
Ron Miller (reference)
Hayley Mills (reference)
Dick Van Dyke (reference)
Junior Scholastic Magazine
Making An Animated Cartoon
It Takes a Great Deal of Work to Make Donald Duck Move
Walt Disney (reference)
DuPont Magazine
Behind the Scenes with Mickey Mouse
How the fascinating antics of cartoon characters are brought to the screen and synchronized with sound
Walt Disney (reference)
Business Week
The Mouse That Turned to Gold
Walt Disney (subject)
Thank You, Mickey Mouse!
The Pathfinder
Presenting Walt Disney
Charlie Chaplin (reference)
Walt Disney (subject)
Kay Kamen (reference)
Dun's Review
Inanimate characters become a new force in merchandising
Kay Kamen (reference)