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Soil Conservation
Walt Disney World: A Land of Fantasy Rooted in Environmental Policy
Florida development proves that a good environment is good business
Business Week
Land speculators play Disney's money machine
The new Florida playland has pushed land values to 500 times their former worth
Business Week
Riding the coattails of Mickey Mouse
Walt Disney (reference)
Jack Lindquist (reference)
What Walt Hath Wrought
A land boom that, like all booms, seems to be getting out of hand.
Walt Disney (reference)
Engineering News-Record
Factory-made boxes form $20-million motel park
Business and Economic Dimensions
Disney "Imagineers" Come to Florida
Disney World's impact adds new dimensions to Florida's economy.
Highway User
Disney World: the Way In
At times access to the newest funland becomes a bit clogged
Disney History Institute Podcast
The Road to Florida
Part 2
Roy E. Disney (subject)
Walt Disney (subject)
Todd James Pierce (author)
Engineering News-Record
Construction gets touch of Disney magic
$1-billion EPCOT Center opens Oct. 1
Engineering News-Record
Disney imagineers a future world
Largest private building project in U.S. is within budget
Engineering News-Record
Delicate hydraulics keep Mickey Mouse's feet dry
Engineering News-Record
Construction continues as Disney World opens