Resources 7

Misc Websites
An Interview With Roy Conli
Producer of "Treasure Planet"
Roy Conli (interviewee)
The Disney Nerds Podcast
An Interview with Animator Thomas Estrada
Thomas Estrada (interviewee)
Starlog Magazine
Treasure Hunters
Working together, Glen Keane & Eric Daniels Animated That Out-of-this-world Cyborg Pirate John Silver.
Eric Daniels (interviewee)
Glen Keane (interviewee)
Starlog Magazine
Pirates of the Etherium
Yo-ho! Set sail for swashbuckling adventure & the animated wonders of Treasure Planet.
Ron Clements (interviewee)
Entretiens avec un Empire - Vol 2
Glen Keane interview
on 'Treasure Planet'
by Jérémie Noyer
Glen Keane (interviewee)
The Disney Dose Podcast
Imagineer, Sculptor, and Puppeteer Terri Hardin
Part 1
Terri Hardin (interviewee)
Animation Podcast
Ken Duncan
Part 3
Ken Duncan (interviewee)