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Skull Rock Podcast
Max Howard, Studio Chief and Producer
Dave Bossert (author)
Max Howard (interviewee)
Skull Rock Podcast
David Priuksma, Disney Supervising Animator
Dave Bossert (author)
David Pruiksma (interviewee)
The Tech
Aladdin animator used subtlety to design strong villain
Andreas Deja (interviewee)
Skull Rock Podcast
Cristy Maltese, Disney Art Director and Background Artist
Dave Bossert (host)
Cristy Maltese (subject)
Skull Rock Podcast
Ted Kierscey, Disney Visual Effects Supervising Animator
Dave Bossert (host)
Ted Kierscey (interviewee)
Tomorrow Society podcast
Disney Imagineer Jim Clark
on the Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast
Jim Clark (interviewee)
Cartoonist PROfiles
Interview With John Musker And Ron Clements
Howard Ashman (reference)
Jodi Benson (reference)
Ted Berman (reference)
Don Bluth (reference)
Randy Cartwright (reference)
Ron Clements (interviewee)
Michael Eisner (reference)
Christopher Finch (reference)
Eric Goldberg (reference)
Steve Hulett (reference)
Jeffrey Katzenberg (reference)
Eric Larson (reference)
Alan Menken (reference)
John Musker (interviewee)
Phil Nibbelink (reference)
Mike Peraza (reference)
Tina Price (reference)
Woolie Reitherman (reference)
Tim Rice (reference)
Art Stevens (reference)
Bob Thomas (reference)
Frank Thomas (reference)
Richard Williams (reference)
Robin Williams (reference)
Pete Young (reference)
Skull Rock Podcast
Tony Bancroft, Disney Director/Animator
Mulan, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast
Tony Bancroft (interviewee)
Lighting+Sound international
Lion King Roars In
Sight and Sound
Beauty & The Beasts
Marina Warner explores versions of the classic tale, including Cocteau's and the new Disney
Linda Woolverton (reference)
Connecting with Walt
Interview with "Howard" Director Don Hahn
Howard Ashman (subject)
Don Hahn (interviewee)
Dizney Coast to Coast
Don Hahn Discusses "Howard" Ashman Documentary
Howard Ashman (subject)
Don Hahn (interviewee)