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Disneyland's 55ers
David Koenig (interviewee)
Tomorrow Society podcast
Glenn Barker on Creating Sound at Walt Disney Imagineering for More Than 45 Years
Glenn Barker (interviewee)
Disney History Institute Podcast
A Brief History of Disneyland Fireworks
The Sweep Spot
Former Jungle Cruise Skipper Annie
Annie Ruygt (interviewee)
Remembering the Tomorrowland Space Show Trilogy
Jim Korkis (author)
Tomorrow Society podcast
Former Imagineer Tom K. Morris
on The Haunted Mansion, Journey Into Imagination, and Disneyland Paris
Tom K. Morris (interviewee)
Disney History Institute Podcast
Backstage Tours
Part 1
Eddie Sotto Interview: Disney's Worlds of Tomorrow
Part 2
Jim Korkis (author)
Eddie Sotto (interviewee)
Hollywood Studio Magazine
How To Haunt A House
All About the Mouse Central
Walt Disney’s Imagineer Claude Coats
The Making of Disneyland: From Toad Hall to the Haunted Mansion and Beyond
Dave Bossert (author)
Claude Coats (subject)
Tomorrow Society podcast
Former Imagineer Joe Lanzisero on Mickey’s Toontown, Tokyo DisneySea, and Mystic Manor
Joe Lanzisero (interviewee)
Disney History Institute Podcast
Designing Disney World