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DIX project - Resources
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Stereo World
Captain EO
A $pectacular 3-D Film
George Lucas (reference)
Stereo World
Big Name, Big Screen 3-D
Disney depth due
Michael Eisner (reference)
George Lucas (reference)
We Makes The Movies (Nancy Naumburg, 1937)
Mickey Mouse Presents Walt Disney
by Walt Disney
Walt Disney (author)
McCall's Magazine
[Fantasia review]
Walt Disney (reference)
Leopold Stokowski (reference)
Deems Taylor (reference)
Stravinsky On Film Music
Walt Disney (reference)
Igor Stravinsky (author)
A Father And Daughter Talk About Fame, Families, Love And Growing Up
A Redbook Dialogue [with] Hayley And John Mills
Walt Disney (reference)
Ed Love (reference)
Hayley Mills (interviewee)
John Mills (interviewee)
Attractions Management
Women Of Disney
Some of Disney’s most talented female leaders share their stories […]
Bettina Buckley (interviewee)
Meg Crofton (reference)
Kathy Mangum (host)
Luc Mayrand (reference)
Debbie Petersen (interviewee)
Tracey Powell (interviewee)
Rachel Quinn (interviewee)
Nancy Seruto (interviewee)
Melissa Valiquette (interviewee)
Bob Weis (reference)
Q&A with Eric and Susan Goldberg
About the Magical, Musical World of Fantasia 2000
Michael Eisner (reference)
Eric Goldberg (interviewee)
Joe Grant (reference)
Misc Websites
Marge Champion's 2012 Visit to the NYU Animation Program
John Canemaker (host)
Marge Champion (interviewee)
Entertainment Design
A Whole New World
Disney ups the Theme Park Ante by Bringing in Top Design Talent for Aladdin at California Adventure
Forever Let Us Hold Our Banner High
Sharon Baird (reference)
Bobby Burgess (reference)
Walt Disney (reference)
Jimmie Dodd (reference)
Annette Funicello (reference)
Ollie Johnston (reference)
Bill Walsh (reference)
Roy Williams (reference)
Studio Newsreel/Disney Newsreel
When I went home...
Roland Dupree
Kathryn Beaumont (reference)
Marc Davis (reference)
Roland Dupree (subject)
Margaret Kerry (reference)