In this episode, Wreck-it Ralph’s Animation Supervisor--Renato Dos Anjos--talks about his life and work at Disney Animation Studios.
Highlights■ About Renato: originally from São Paulo, Brazil and wanted to be in comic books■ Started with Disney--it’s all about who you know■ How did he get involved in the Wreck-It Ralph project?■ Relationship with the director, Rich Moore■ How Disney fills positions within the company ■ Working with Art Director, Mike Gabriel ■ Did Episode 10 really go through the whole animation department? YES! ...but did they like it?■ Test screenings: The rush before and after■ Technical achievements: how they educated the crew, glided between worlds and all the CGI challenges■ Always go the extra mile because these movies change you■ Award for largest cast: new friends and iconic Characters■ Disney’s plan for staying on top: Goal #1 - Support the creative spirit. Be open, help the community, and get rid of egos.■ Favorite scenes/work in Wreck-It Ralph? Rich Moore, animation teams, and every department “Bring their best game” ■ Favorite character? Vanellope von Schweetz■ Animation had the biggest impact on this film than any other he’s worked on. Day in the life of a “animation supervisor” at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Toys, Posters, promotions... everything! Keep your head down!■ Wrap party and the “supernatural” buzz about the film. It has only gotten better since the test screening! […]