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Walt Disney World has without a doubt the largest food operation in Florida. In the Vacation Kingdom, visitors may dine at any one of 60 food and beverage establishments. These include food stands that serve soft drinks and packaged potato chips, the elegant King Stefan's Banquet Hall in Cinderella Castle, the Plaza Pavilion, bakery shop, ice cream parlor, and a wide variety of eating places. Or visitors may choose to dine in the glass-enclosed Top of the World on the top of the Contemporary Hotel, at a luau in the Polynesian Village Resort, or at the Golf Resort Hotel.

All of these facilities, including the Central Food Facility behind the scenes, employ some 3,000 food service workers during the peak season roughly one-third of Walt Disney World's 10,000 employees.

The 60 food and beverage establishments serve some 120,000 meals a day during the summer season. One hamburger machine. located in the Tomorrowland Terrace, cooks some 3,500 hamburgers an hour.