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Visitors to Disney World are filing through the portals of Space Mountain, a brand new "attraction," as such man-made phenomena are called, in the still growing fantasy world of Walt Disney, just outside Orlando, FL. They smile and even laugh. Ten minutes or so later, the same people file out, a wiser and soberer crowd.

They have taken a hair-raising ride "through space," barely missing meteors and other space vehicles. And afterwards they have a look at the home of the future as envisioned by RCA.


"Tighten up that seat belt!"

All for psychological effects, you smile to yourself, yet you allow the pretty young girl to fasten you in.

'Remove earrings and glasses!"

Come on! Don't overdo it!

And your vehicle begins to move. You climb slowly for awhile and pause above a gaping black hole. Then, on the first of many devilish instructions from a computer, you plunge into the hole, bending, twisting and banking, up and down. The seat belt is no psychological ploy. Your vehicle zooms past other glowing capsules, through meteoric showers, special stellar and plane- tary effects and finally into a 75- foot-long, 10-foot-diameter tube. This is your re-entry into the earth's atmosphere.